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Welcome to Shivkashi Pipes

uPVC Pipes
Available With Wide Range of
Colors & Designs.

We are the Shivkashi Pipes, one of India's manufacturers of UPVC pipes. We deliver and how we service.

Our view about high quality and advance product aim for the highest ideal in what we manufacture, what we sell, how we range is supported by its state-of- the art equipment installed at the plant and the technical know-how available from the strategic alliance with world leaders in plastic piping tech we are mostly known as "quality conscious people" in the field of PVC pipes technology.

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ISI 4985 certified


Features and Specification of
Our Product.


  • 1. Corrosion
  • 2. Energy Saving Pipe
  • 3. Smooth Handling
  • 4. Ultimate Izod impact Strength
  • 5. Maximum load carrying capacity
  • 6. 100% Leak Proof


  • 1. Maximum ambient temperature 70C
  • 2. Maximum installation depth 370m
  • 3. Installation: Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined.





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UPVC Pipes Features And Applications

In UPVC ‘U’ indicates Unplasticized, thus UPVC is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which means it is manufactured or prepared without using the plastic. In the manufacturing process of UPVC, several chemicals are added. UPVC’s manufacturing process begins with the raw materials that are mixed accurately to make a potent resin compound, packed, and distributed for fabrication.

Guide for PVC and UPVC Pipe Installation

PVC is a material that is commonly utilized in the manufacture of pipelines. PVC comes in two varieties: UPVC and CPVC. The primary distinction between UPVC and CPVC is that UPVC is produced without the addition of plasticizers. When it comes to temperature resistance, however, CPVC can withstand a larger degree of heat than UPVC.

Types Of PVC Pipes And Their Features

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, PVC pipes are used for various purposes and in multiple sectors. Polyvinyl chloride is the third most generally produced plastic after polyethylene and polypropylene. This multi-purpose material is used in construction works. PVC is used to make pipes, floor coverings cable insulation, doors, etc.